รายละเอียดการอัพเดต (Patch Notes)


รวบรวมรายละเอียดการอัพเดต (Patch Notes) ของเกม ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Approximate 10% Dedicated Server Performance gain
  • Approximate 80% faster savegame load speed 😀
  • Fix for AMD GPU shadow flickering (partial… can still flicker but far less frequently. full fix is coming this weekend)
  • Eliminated issue where large amounts of structures could cause client disconnection or bandwidth starvation (mega lag)
  • Reduced client hitching around large structures
  • Improved client physx performance onto large structures
  • Mods will now load properly on clients launched with commandlines (such as -nomansky)
  • Mods will now download dynamically upon connection even if you connect to a server directly thru the Steam Client
  • Fixed some more Admin UI crashes 😉
  • All Chat is now logged to RCON
  • Max height of structures above the ground is now 25,000 units. Previously was 15,000 units. Thank you 🙂 http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/530646715642581647/
  • Fixed various mods crashing — any which used custom Materials, such as Apako Island: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=469987622
  • Improved speed of background loading core game data while at main menu
  • Fixed a Chatbox crash
  • Eliminated some Snapshot_16 “permanent” hangs if banned or missing communication from server during connection
  • Server Passwords now appear as Asteriks’ in Admin Managment UI (soon you’ll be able to change this dynamically via the UI), and “message-of-the-day changing in the UI” crash is fixed
  • Server-side vaults that are lowered due to destroyed foundations now retain their pin-code/lock settings.
  • Fixed C4 ammo problem. We recommend server admins upgrade their servers to v185.1 as soon as possible. Very sorry about that!
  • Unversioned Hotfix: Servers will no longer crash if admins use the “Refresh” button on the Server Admin UI.

    Note: You can now run Primitive Server using a “Mod” rather than an INI change. Details here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=478227612

    Expect more Mods soon, from us and user Mod creators!

  • Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a client-side Foliage crash
  • RCON for Server Admins
    add these to your server commandline
    (only need to specify a server admin password if you’re not already doing so)

    Then you can run any console commands that you see in the in-game ShowMyAdminManager, some useful ones include for example:

    banplayer PlayerName
    unbanplayer PlayerName
    broadcast messageWhateverItIs

    Note we don’t currently send all chat back out through RCON, but we should so you can expect that shortly.

  • Server Administration UI:
    To use this, use the console commands in-game:
    enablecheats AdminPassword

    In there you’ll see all of the server settings, stats, connected players, whitelist and ban list management, message of the day, and all of the executable console commands that you can run through the GUI (which are also runnable via RCON so it’s a good way to learn the RCON commands!).

  • Removed caps for Play Local menu: you can now enter any values you like into the various options’ text fields and they’ll be saved/used properly.
  • Doubled the # of inventory slots in the fridge
  • Opening the In-Game Pause Menu in Singleplayer Mode now actually fully Pauses the game 🙂
  • Fixed collision on Stone Foundation/Ceiling so that you can properly fit through the Stone doorway in between them.
  • Fixed case where in-ground Pillars were not being considered “Foundations”
  • Air Conditioning units are 100% more powerful insulation and 100% more range
  • Fixed a bug with dinos that were in-taming process becoming super slow if tame process was finished after a reload
  • Now takes approx 3 grenades to bring down a spike wall, fixed the explosion damage multiplier on ’em to be consistent with all other metal structures
  • Ceiling replacement no longer becomes obstructed by objects on the ceiling
  • Reduced OP cat-tail foliage resource giving
  • ARK Dev Kit Game Data Override: Create your own survival game with total capability to override the core “gamedata” of ARK in your mod: everything can then be changed, from Engrams to Items to Character States to Dossiers. You don’t even need to make a new map, you can just override all values/content on the existing ARK Island!
  • Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions
  • Mods can now force the player to spawn-in rather than displaying the respawn map
  • Dev Kit has been updated with a “GenericMod” example that gives you a Primitive-Only ARK achieved through Modding rather than through INI — which is way more powerful because then you can totally rebalance and change ANYTHING.
  • Finally fixed the last erroneous “No Nearby Foundation” issue when trying to build walls etc. Thanks PhysX 😛
  • Metal Spike Walls now have correct structure damage type (weak metal rather than “wood”), and have correct scaled destruction mesh
  • The absolute max inventory limit of 200 items has been raised to 300, and is now respected to avoid losing items when transferring between inventories
  • Blueprints can no longer stack (wasn’t intended to). any that are currently stacked will still be stacked, you won’t lose any, but you can’t re-stack them.
  • Players can now choose to display chat as “[CharacterName][TribeName]:Chat” (the new default) or [SteamName[CharacterName]:Chat”
  • Improved the look of Stone Materials underground, improved metal Materials
  • Added “Craft All” button that will craft-queue as many instances of a blueprint/engram as the inventory has resources for.
  • Minor client GPU performance improvement
  • 40second cooldown on bloodpack usage, 30 minute spoiling time time (in a fridge it’s 100x of course)
  • Gates are now considered “core” structures and thus you can’t build next to “enemy” gates anymore
  • You can, ahem, no longer pickup the Broodmother with flyers 😉
  • ARK Dev Kit:
    NOTE: ARK Dev Kit users need to upgrade their Dev Kit executables to v184.0 via Steam Client and by installing the new Editor Executables via the Unreal Engine 4 GitHub @ https://github.com/StudioWildcard1/Ark-Dev-Kit , as described in the new Dev Kit Tutorial here: www.playark.com/workshop/ ! ARK Dev Kit technical support will be provided via the Epic Forums @ forums.unrealengine.com/forumdisplay.php?70-ARK-Survival-Evolved.
  • Updated ARK Dev Kit to include latest code & content, as well as improved built-in-Editor Steam Workshop Uploader
  • Fixed a client-side issue with building in caves (wasn’t letting clients do it in legit areas)
  • Fixed a bug where some legit cave structures were getting destroyed via the new underground-exploit prevention logic (will go live on ARK Official Server Network tonight)
  • In PvE, Tamed Dinos will no longer attack other players’ corpses/dino-corposes which they can not consume
  • Fixed a client-side Crash with structure placing
  • Eliminated some false-positives with underground-structure exploit detection (Behemoth Gates, etc)
  • You can no longer build underneath terrain except in caves, and all structures beneath terrain except in caves is automatically destroyed (Pillars are exempt from this rule). Thank you for the reports 🙂
  • Water Dinos no longer die when surfacing in underwater caves, yay!
  • Fixed an issue where dino attacks were not actually hitting various structure pieces to which they had valid line-of-sight.
  • In PvE, lit campfires no longer hurt other tribes’ players/dinos.
  • Fixed a crash in in singleplayer mode caves
  • You can now properly close ceiling doors when on a ladder, just look up and press the Use key 🙂
  • You can never beach-kill your water dinos anymore. Seriously, $200 to the first person who shows us beaching a tamed water dino on a v183.2 server 🙂
  • Fixed a case where Flyers could spontaneously die and kill their rider 😛
  • You can now replace ceilings that have stuff placed on them without the “Obstruction” message
  • Fixed a slight edge case with stone walls where attacks could still get thru them
  • Minor client GPU perf gain
  • Unversioned Hotfix: Dedi servers no longer crash if admin runs the “cheat exit” command on them. And they’ll thusly save-on-exit too 🙂
  • Unversion Hotfix: Fixed a potential singleplayer PhysX crash.
  • Fixed servers and clients not being able to load into the world without existing savedata present
  • Fixed clients not seeing correct item counts on the Repair Cost tooltip when items are in a remote inventory
  • Unversioned Hotfix:
  • Fixed a server-side crash
  • Fixed case of clients unable to spawn in the online game / getting booted. Temporary solution before v183 until this new version is to TOTALLY delete your game directory and redownload the game (the issue is due to having some extra old map files in your Maps dir that need to be cleared out). v183 will ignore these however. Mega props to Steam User “crua9” for helping us to track this down!
  • Fixed some collision gaps in stone tier (dinos could hit thru them, etc)
  • Fixed a case where you could unprone into people’s bases.
  • Added “Independence Fireworks” Skin for Flare Gun. Find it dropped from a variety of high-level dinos, and skin your Flares with this, to light up the night sky with a blazing fireworks display. Will only drop this weekend, so better stock up!
  • New Primitive-Only Official Servers! Only stuff available that you might actually find in caveman-era tech, for role-playing fun. PvP, PvE, and PvP Hardcore in North America, EU, and OC. If players like this and the servers get crowded, we can add more 🙂
    Server Admins can now explicitly remove items from the Supply Crate drops, to facilitate these primitive servers (a little later will expose the full loot tables for editing)
    We’ll be providing the INI’s used to setup these servers so that players can easily host their own Primitive-Era servers as they may wish.
  • Emote Wheel! 10 emotes for now Male and Female, along with two Emote Hotkey bindings.
  • Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions
  • Fixed Ichthyosaurus losing taming affinity too fast and not being feedable quickly enough
  • Fixed issue where swimming dinos were attempting to beach themselves to eat corpses 😛
  • Made dinos able to properly damage structures again, in many cases a trace check was failing causing them to not do damage
  • Dinos can no longer push you through structures 😉
  • Made high level supply crates more likely to give high-level items
  • Improved server perf Phase 1
  • Hopeful fix for dinos appearing through floors when re-entering a zone or reloading a server
  • Added key for “Proximity Text Chat”, to say something in text chat only within a short audible range (has a unique text chat color)
  • Improved visual look/materials of Stone Structures
  • Likely fix for case where Tribe data could be lost when reloading a server
  • Fixed a case where “Take All From Inventory” could lose items if it would make your own Inventory greater than 2x overweight. Now it’ll stop if it reaches that.
  • Fixed Stone wall collisions/height protruding through bases
  • Added Missing Stone tier icons
  • Limited overdamage (overharvest) of resources to 5x the total resource health, to avoid server lag giving hundreds of berries in one hit on a plant.
  • Increased resolution in stone tier textures
  • Stone dino gate is now colorizable
  • **Unversioned LinuxServer crash Hotfix posted!**
  • Approximate additional 10% GPU perf gain on Shader Model 4 pipeline specifically (it was doing a bunch of GPU work that was not applicable to SM4)
  • Full Stone Structure Tier!
  • Major client loading speed improvements
  • Environment foliage rendering performance improvement
  • Finally fixed the remaining Tamed-Megalodon/Swimmer beaching-death case — thank you RightHand 😉
  • Fixed issue with flying dinos losing Oxygen when they got “near” the water surface
  • Auto-Turrets damage vs dinos increased by 3x
  • Ichthyosaurus can now fit thru dino gates
  • Crop plot yields increased 50% and max # of crop items on them increased by 300%
  • You can now drag item stacks that will make you overweight onto your inventory — it will now only drag the portion of the stack that can fit in your inventory, rather than not allowing the drag operation at all.
  • Turret aim against big dinos (i.e. Rex) is now fixed
  • You can no longer “respawn” in Hardcore by reconnecting to server
  • HarvestHealthMultiplier should finally work on your custom servers 🙂
  • Linux client: fullscreen at non-native resolutions now scales properly
  • Restored the previous “overdamage” of Harvestable Resources, while we work in the coming days on a new balance for per-Dino Resource Harvesting multipliers — unofficial servers can enable the limiting optionally with “ClampResourceHarvestDamage=true”
  • Fixed Shark spawn percentages (may take some time to have effects on existing servers, since the increased Shark population won’t immediately despawn. Go Shark Hunting to clear ’em out ;). More Dolphins, and far less Sharks.
  • Fixed Linux Server socket termination crash — thank you to Steam user ‘Beast’ for tracking it down 🙂
  • Fixed mod maps not automatically downloading when connecting to a server hosting a mod
  • Fixed another server crash
  • Fixed bug where amphibious dinosaurs were losing stamina in water (darn Mac/Linux compiler syntax issue)
  • Fixed only getting 1 Engram Point for Levels 65 & 66 (this is not retroactive, but we’ll be implementing a respec option soon).
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Increase absolute player Max Inventory Weight to 2x your Max Weight stat, rather than 1.2x
  • Clamped how much harvesting damage you can do to a resource to the remaining health of the resource (so that, for example, chomping a tiny dilo with little resource remaining in it with a massive T-Rex bit wouldn’t give you way more meat than it could reasonably have had). This may have the effect of reducing harvesting amounts in some cases, but is a necessary fix to what was essentially an overflow bug. Will consider re-scaling harvesting amounts accordingly as we proceed. (sorry we forgot this note — a lot of code gets written every day 🙂
  • Re-enabled Official ARK Server item uploads to Steam Inventory: had disabled it due to a dupe bug which is now fixed 😉
  • Official Servers are now upgraded to the equivalent of “2.0” difficulty, rather than 1.0
  • Added two more player and dino levels, to get more engrams for the new goodies
  • Shader Model 4 (DX9, DX10) mode now looks a TON better, with proper light intensities, shadows and night lighting and dynamic lighting
  • NEW DINO: Plesiosaurus (with custom saddle!)
  • NEW DINO: Ichthyosaurus (with custom saddle!)
  • Players are no longer allowed to carry more than 20% over their maximum Inventory Weight, as this was otherwise exploitable when standing on Dinos.
  • AFK kick Timer at spawn/respawn screen: server configurable, default 40 minutes
  • Structure Paint effect looks much better and fully covers the surfaces
  • Preparation for tomorrow’s Mac & Linux game releases 🙂
  • Removed Weight limits on Smithy, Fabricator, and any other Structures which accidentally still had them
  • configurable server auto save interval
  • pipes/cables are no longer considered “enemy” foundations that prevent building nearby
  • Obelisk terminals no longer get an auto-demolish timer
  • Sabertooth level-up damage scaling ramp reduced by 50%
  • In online PvP, use of sleeping bags now triggers cooldown to all your sleeping bags nearby.
  • Taming with Higher Taming Affinity now increases base level of dino up to 50% if 100% effectiveness, improving its base statistics (previously wasn’t doing much, was only generally increasing their damage)
  • Added missing mammoth dossier
  • Using spyglass now shows Floating HUD of Dinos, Players, or Structures that you are _directly pointing at_, for long range reconnaissance
  • C4 can now be placed & detonated underwater
  • Buff timers no longer ‘appear’ to reset when you relogin
  • Dragging a body no longer removes your FPV hands (bug required players to manually switch to weapon and then back to hands to restore their hands 😛 )
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Nonviolent Taming method for Ichthyosaurus (will follow-up with implementation for all Herbivores soon)
  • Fixed black-top-of-screen when there’s heavy Fog on “Low” postprocess settings.
  • Freshly-installed Singleplayers no longer have zeroed-out Local/Host gameplay settings, and added “Reset To Defaults” for Local/Host gameplay settings.
  • Stone Water Tank is now crafted by hand, not at the Smithy
  • Fixed an issue where various animations werent’ updating out of view on clients (they were pausing)
  • Claiming a Dino now properly sets its new Personal Owner data
  • Hitting stuff with the Spyglass and Flaregun (which have no durability) is now akin to punching with your Fists (8 damage per hit and hurts you slightly)
  • Fixed issue where pillars were sometimes not being considered “foundations”. (any pillars that have this “no nearby foundation” issue will need to be rebuilt on servers upgraded to 180.4 in order to be considered a foundation)
  • Fixed massive stall (4-8 seconds) associated with periodic garbage collection
  • Added custom saddles for Argentavis and Carbonemys
  • Spike blockades can no longer hurt you through walls
  • Made wild Megalodons charge speed slower
  • Reduced the length of the Ptero’s grab animation
  • Fixed a case where you could get killed riding your flyer on certain slopes
  • Added a lot of missing environmental Ambient Sounds
  • HarvestAmountMultiplier and HarvestHealthMultiplier server settings now work
  • More GPU perf gains due to map optimization (approx +15% to +20%) and fixing a serious Sky perf issue
  • Fixed harvesting impact decals that weren’t appearing
  • Exposed most current server settings to the Host Game UI
  • You can’t mount dinos thru walls anymore
  • Building Walls can now be embedded in geometry more, providing more ways to place them
  • +25% GPU Perf gains. Yes, we had the GPU’s idling about 20-25% of the time due to a driver bug. You’re gonna enjoy this 🙂
  • You can now properly attach C4 to enemy structures again (and build tripwires nearby, etc)
  • Eliminated the last edge cases with inability to melee attack structures from certain angles. Was caused by fixes to not allow you to melee-hit players or structures through walls 🙂
  • Supply crates will no longer get stuck on Trees
  • Fixed case where Flyers will fall out of the air if saved in flying state
  • In PvE you can no longer steal food from strangers’ crop plots (Tribe/Owner check)
  • Fixed floating hands outside of your dino after mounting 🙂
  • Fix for Supply Crates sometimes spawning at the World Origin, which would likely also would mess up players’ ability to move
  • Fixed inability to harvest certain resources
  • Fixed inability to find “nearby foundations” when building sometimes
  • Changed bullet/projectile damage multiplier on flyers to 4x rather than 6x
  • Unversioned Hotfix: Decreased Mountain & Underwater Crystal Resources amounts by 50%
  • Flyers now take approximately 6x damage from bullets and ranged projectiles.
  • Fixed a missing value in thatch & wood structure settings, now effectively thatch and wood about 2.5x as resistant to damage as they were before.
  • Fixed Swimmers (i.e. Megalodon) and Flyers dive/climb speeds — they no longer leave the “sprinting” speed when diving/climbing
  • Particle FX on activated structures now appear correctly after reloading in singleplayer
  • Water Taps connected directly to intakes now work
  • Stone wall is now colorizable
  • Wild AI Targeting Range on Megalodons is reduced by 50%
  • Added the unique Phiomia and Carnotaurus saddles
  • Can’t build signs near enemy foundations anymore, was used to grief people by wedging them into their homes etc
  • Structures in PvE now have per-structure PvE allowed-demolish time, by default: 4 days for thatch/small utility structures, 8 days days for wood, 12 days for stone, and 16 days for metal
  • Fixed hidden player hands when wearing gloves while riding a dino in FPV
  • Explosions no longer damage structures thru walls/obstructions
  • PvE now shows a “Anyone Can Demolish” timer on structures
  • Can no longer… place sleeping bags/structures thru other player’s/team’s structures
  • Can no longer melee attack people thru walls
  • Can no longer place doors of multiple tiers over each other.
  • Massive async level load/unload hitching reductions
  • Fixed exploit with getting flyers underneath the World. If you do this, they will die. Also you can’t pull-grab targets through the World either.
  • Four new “PvE Hardcore” servers for North America, Europe, and Oceania — each.
  • Major map update: new resources (including summit and underwater Crystals), better visuals, better optimization, and WIP areas completed
  • Approximate 15-20% server and client CPU perf gain!!!! combination of link time code generation and opcode optimizations
  • 3GB+ RAM reduction for servers, ~1GB RAM+ reduction for clients. For serves over 50% memory savings!!!!!!!! Basically we’ve converted all our foliage structures to use data primitive types rather than “Objects” 🙂
  • PhysX Bug fix: no more super-slow servers
  • Client side GPU perf improvements: foliage batching rewrite
  • New Server gameplay options exposed to the Host Game UI
  • Fixed issue where foliage would sometimes respawn on your base or on your dinos
  • Can no longer damage players through walls with pikes/grenades etc
  • Can no longer strafe while prone
  • Can no longer pull characters through ground with flyers
  • Spear-killing a fish will now also instantly grab the fish so that you can stay out of the water
  • Flyers no longer get into a bad flying state when saved while flying (work-around before v180: whistle for them to follow you , then whistle for them to stop after they start flying)
  • Can no longer place structures if line of sight is broken by enemy structure
  • Stone wall properly colorizable
  • Crop plot saving issue fixed
  • Fixed an item dupe issue… recommend server admins upgrade their servers to 179.5 at their opportunity 🙂
  • Fixed Spawn Point UI issue, you can now always select spawn points properly 🙂
  • Fixed some sounds that lacked attenuation (harvest sound, etc)
  • Fixed simplified sky rendering, not all black anymore 🙂
  • Function Keys (F1-F12 etc) now work when bound to inputs
  • Fixed issue where Taming-in-progress dinos had unconscious AI’s after being loaded from save data
  • Fixed a client and server-side crash involving foliage 🙂
  • Only Wood, Thatch, and Stone required for Stone Walls/StoneFoundation now
  • Fixed problem connecting to various servers, was a silly data networking mismatch
  • Fixed issue with player growing… large… upon falling unconscious from dino such as Turtle (very amusing 😉
  • Spawn Point UI will no longer improperly list buttons for beds that are on cooldown
  • All pipes are now considered “foundation” and will not fall apart if a piece is destroyed
  • Server admins can now adjust the following values:
    • The Amount of overall dinos
    • The damage & resistance of tamed vs untamed dinos respectively
    • The relative weight of each dino species and maximum caps of each dino species per zone
    • The speed of taming
    • The speed of harvesting and a multiplier for how much resources are earned (overall, not per resource yet)
    • The amounts of player and dino stamina draining respectively
    • The amounts of player and dino food draining respectively
    • The amounts of player water draining
    • The speed of player and dino natural health recoveries
    • The time of Structure open-demolish on PvE (soon this will be per-structure class, but currently is global)
  • Fixed size of new bookcase model 😉
  • Fixed issue with player stats increasing upon rejoining the game (server-side fix).
  • Official PvP servers one-time Clearance of all old unequipped items (with the exception of blueprints, eatables, notes, and quest items), to ensure fairness after Item Duplication bug exploit. Server admins can enforce this once if they run with this command argument (will only work ONCE on pre-update save games):ShooterGameServer.exe theisland?listen -ClearOldItems
  • Demolition Item Duplication bug fixed
  • Argentavis HP reduced by 30%
  • Notes now display the first 30 characters of written text as the title of the Note, once something is written on them
  • Plesiosaurus preparation…
  • C4’s now attach properly to structures in some cases where they couldn’t
  • Reduced probability of Spinosaurus spawns by 30%
  • Explosions now do +200% damage to dinos and +50% damage to players
  • Sarco and Turtle now dive/climb in water at properly quick speeds (making full use of their move speed)
  • Player-hosted servers can now maintain a whitelist of SteamID’s who are admin cheat-authorized, and those accounts will automatically be able to use cheats without having to enter enablecheats. When utilizing this feature, no cheat password is utilized.
  • Compass Engram moved to level 10, & no longer requires Smithy (is hand-crafted)
  • There is now a dedicated keybind for accessing the whistle wheel, which will soon be expanded with emote animations
  • Sarco now swims up and down much faster
  • Dino Specs now allow painting all saddle color regions, and the specs look thicker
  • Steel Vault now has 50% more storage slots
  • Rex roar now has a large attenuation range
  • Rockets do about 50% more damage
  • Spinos no longer lay bronto eggs
  • Turtles now regen stamina in water
  • Fixed an exploit with accessing inventories over great distances
  • Spikewalls can no longer be built nearby enemy core structures
  • Fabricators, etc, now show craftable resource counts from their own Inventory even when they are not powered-on
  • “Your thing killed something” messages are now in yellow to avoid scaring you
  • Server perf resolved, finally! (and an overall perf benefit for everyone). Major PhysX system change. Expected gains of >33%+ on Server in some cases.
  • New Structure: Metal Water Tank, stores 500 water and is metal tier.
  • New Structures: Stone Walls/Fence Foundations (the first of a potential stone tier)
  • Fix for Engrams not appearing on characters in some cass
  • Notes can now be written at any time not just upon crafting
  • “All Passive” whistle
  • Vault now will drop rather than be destroyed if its floor is destroyed
  • You can now hurt your own unconsciously-taming Dinos in PvE
  • Fixed case of invisible campfires
  • Toggle key for Running
  • Cosmetics now all weigh 0 KG
  • Admin can now kick/ban/list players by SteamID
  • Major memory reduction on dedi server (multi-GB reduced)
  • Player-Hosted Server control of day-cycle length, and relative lengths of Day & Night respectively! Who wants a 24h real-time RP server? ME!!!!!!!
  • Player-server options for which engrams/blueprints are available on a server, how much they cost, what their level-requirements/pre-reqs are, how much XP is earned & level XP thresholds for players and dinos, and how much damage players & dinos & structures do & their resistances respectively. Your primitive-only worlds are now possible 🙂
    Info here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/594821545178117961/
  • Texture Resolution settings no longer affect Terrain geometry quality
  • You can now optionally specify administrators for a server by numeric SteamID, so that only certain specific steam users can have access to the admin commands, and these users do not have to enter an admin password
  • If there are multiple bed/sleeping bag points overlapping on the same area on the respawn UI, upon clicking one you will now get a popup list to choose between them more easily.
  • Audio settings now load properly
  • Subscribed Steam Workshop Mods now refresh/update/download automatically in the Host Session UI
  • Fixed a potential server-side crash with dragging ragdolls
  • In PvE, knocked-out dinos are now damageable by the team that knocked them out (requires server update)
  • Fixed the (likely) performance draining issue with dedicated server!
  • You can now make the T-Rex ROAR!!! with alt fire. The first of many 😉
  • New Structure: Reinforced Steel Vault, for when you gotta store a crapton of items with maximum security
  • New Structure: Wood Spike Barricade, for when you just gotta build a quick defense on the cheap.
  • New structure: “Bookshelf” to store mass quantities of blueprints and notes and implants
  • Custom Skinned Mammoth Saddle & Sabertooth Saddles
  • Storage Boxes now only use slots, not weight
  • New Cosmetic: Dino Spectacles (Respawn to get them, or if necessary send them through the Steam Inventory using Obelisks)
  • Major improvement to asynchronous background streaming, resulting in smoother overall performance when moving through the environment
  • Can now adjust a setting for whether you want your dino to auto-collect inventory from things it kills
  • Locked Doors now always accessible by Tribemates (PIN-coded doors follow the governance setting)
  • fixed fall damage to never get a super high instantaneous velocity, is now time-based.
  • fixed water jar blueprint
  • Supply Drops now give crafted items again, albeit at adjusted rates
  • Tribe governance can now be reset
  • Flyers do 60% less damage to structures
  • Guns/explosives are 20% more effective against dinos
  • Doubled number of item slots on “Smithy”, “Fabricator”, etc
  • Flyer-carried characters are now dropped if line-of-sight is broken, can’t go thru structures
  • Flyer-carried characters’ inventory weights are now added to the carrying Flyer’s inventory Weight
  • Unversioned Update: Rewrote distance field shadowing for ~7 miliseconds per frame saved on Titan X. Should be significant for any other cards that have Distance Field Shadowing enabled.
  • Fixed remaining ladder climbing error
  • You can now walk all your dinos backwards
  • Removed the Dino Inventory Slot limits
  • Raised the dino fall damage velocity threshold by about 33% and decreased fall damage by 33%
  • Upped the Argentavis’ Stamina by 150%, to better enable long-distance flight, it loses stamina when flying as the Ptera.
  • Blue Supply Crates that weren’t appearing are fixed.
  • From the backs of dinos, only doors are now activatable. Otherwise [E] will dismount.
  • Drop-All no longer drops equipped items (dino saddles etc)
  • Note about fall damage: non-ridden, tamed dinos do not take fall damage.
  • Dino inventories now have limited slots (this was always intended, the value was just inputted incorrectly prior to now 😉
  • Argentavis can now also pickup characters, with a higher weight limit than Pteranodon
  • Nerdry Glasses and Rex Bone Helm are now paintable
  • Fixed bug where Tribe data could be lost or corrupted, and bug where players who left Tribe would still be considered as “in” the Tribe.
  • Majorly reduced stalls when streaming in new area zones
  • Added a radial “Whistle Wheel” that you can use to choose from among the many whistles now available. Access it optionally by briefly holding the “Whistle ‘You Follow'” key!
  • Only female creatures can lay eggs now. I know, this makes me sad but it had to happen ;(
  • Added volume slider for voice chat
  • Eliminated delays upon Dino AI finding new targets, make the AI’s snappier and more lifelike. Also made tamed Dinos cancel their current movement whenever they are given a new order/AI-state, making them more pro-active.
  • You can now open gates with the [E] / Use key when riding a Dino, without having to dismount
  • Tribe Governance Options: Presets: Communism, Capitalism, Libertarianism, and everything in between via total customizable property, dino, & structure sharing settings. Trive Manager now has “Government” options which can (currently) only be set upon creation of the Tribe. When you are invited to a Tribe, you can now view the Tribe’s governance options in the Activation menu before deciding whether to join. If you wish to change this afterwards, Merge the Tribe into a new Tribe.
  • Server startup time dramatically reduced.
  • More efficient RAM usage of the TheIsland zones streaming
  • Improved perf on GPU particles
  • Dinos now take fall damage properly
  • Better dino following logic, and fixed a bug where following dinos weren’t sprinting like they should have been
  • Oxygen Enhancing stew is now twice as powerful
  • Rockets now have gravity and drop over time, no more infinite range rocket shots
  • Crops now grow at 2x speed
  • High-level surface supply crates now only give blueprints, was too OP for them to give fully-crafted items
  • Piranhas now spawn in larget groups
  • Megalodons can’t beach anymore
  • Fixed a server-side PhysX crash
  • New: Craftable Headlamp item
  • You can now access patch notes from within the game 🙂
  • Environmental Resources now replenish twice as quickly and less range required away from human structures
  • You can now ‘Drop All Items’ from remote inventories, which drops them onto the floor
  • You can now press ‘D’ when highlighting an item in Inventory to drop it, you can also press Ctrl-D-Num to instantly drop a slotbar item. Power-users!!!!
  • Behemoth gate can now be built on non-flat ground, and all dinos can now move through Dino Gate properly now.
  • Ladder Climbing can properly be activated from above in all cases now.
  • Added “Go Aggressive” and “Go Neutral” ranged whistle commands. “Go Neutral” also clears aggro, so is good for quickly recalling your dinos from an attack.
  • Flyers can now carry other dinos, as well as humans
  • New server browser that is more akin to Steam’s server browser, allows asynchronous retrieving and filtering searching from among ALL servers, not just a handful.
  • In PvE you can now drag unconscious players who are logged-out. Necessary, for now, to prevent people from logging out within your base and thus permanently “occupying” your base.
  • You can now activate “wander” mode on tamed dinos, which will make them wander as they normally do in the Wild. Useful if you want mild hunting or just to have them feel more natural when penned-up (gotta have that Dodo farm naturalism). Coming soon: “Hunt-and-return radius” mode 🙂
  • “EnablePvPGamma=true” server option will now work 😉
  • Added move-and-copy logic to saving to avoid any corruptions of save or tribe data
  • Fixed a stat math problem with Downloading Dinos via the Obelisks
  • Gamma adjustment now disabled on PvP/Hardcore servers (by server-side default). Unofficial Servers can force allow gamma adjustment on PvP/Hardcore with this commandline/INI option:
  • Replenishing times on all resources reduced by 40% (will replenish faster)
  • Fixed Spinosaurus crash that was affecting Official Server 17
  • Mounted Sabers can now jump — is wicked cool to attack when doing this, increases forward momentum
  • Improved Tamed dino climbing, and following distances
  • Fixed main menu UI threading crash
  • Trikes now have 25 percent more hp and thirty percent more damage
  • Stegos buffed 10 percent more dmg and fifteen percent more HP
  • Increased brightness of night by 17% (where outside exposed to the moon. forests/shadowed areas are just as dark as they ever were 😉
  • Can no longer drag living unconscious players/dinos in PvE that aren’t on your team.
  • Changed spear Weight to 3 (from 6)
  • Lessened rate of torpidity recovery relative to max torpidity for wild unconscious dinos. This is a server-side change. Also increased speed recovery for Tamed Dinos! Win-Win!
  • Fixed female Saber riding anims
  • Low chance to get metal from ALL non-metallic rocks, albeit more commonly from smooth river-rocks. And better with picks, of course. This will not take effect on Official Servers until they are upgraded to 174.1 overnight.
  • Reduced explosions damage onto metal structures by 50%. This will not take effect on Official Servers until they are upgraded to 174.1 overnight.
  • Increased piranha turn rate.
  • Raised Max Player Level to 64, providing 120 additional Engram Points
  • Raised Max Tamed Dino Level Additions to 38
  • Fix for Flyer Stamina (!)
  • Fix for Gas Consumption Rate (30x improvement)
  • Increased level cap to 70
  • Armor durability rebalancing (~3x durability)
  • Tripled the metal content of metal and rich-metal rocks
  • Re-added a small chance to get metal from river-rocks. Thanks for the feedback everyone, it makes sense to provide an alternate less-intense progression path 😉
  • Prevented tamed dinos from drowning so easily
  • Changed autodestruct in PvE structures to 18 days, and made it so that rather than automatically demolishing itself, the structure then gives the option for anyone to demolish it via radial menu.
  • Made Smithies and other containers automatically have the necessary engrams when new engrams are added, rather than having them be rebuilt
  • Made it clear via description that the Food Preservation Bin requires Sparkpowder to preserve food, and that it can also create Beef Jerky.
  • Added Option to disable Torpor screen flash (purple flash)
  • Dino Knocked-Out state will now hold until the Dino’s Torpor reaches 0%, previously they could exit earlier. However, their Torpor will decrease more quickly based on how much their maximum Torpor level is — so that higher-level Dinos are naturally more difficult to keep knocked-out.
  • Increased effectiveness of temperature insulation by 20%
  • Bronto saddle can now be equipped properly 🙂
  • Non-water Dinos will now attempt to swim to the surface and not drown 🙂
  • Fixed armor insulation values & UI display (wasn’t displaying hyperthermic insulation properly): cloth now adds positive hyperthermic insulation, all other armors currently add negative hyperthermic insulation but now scaled more appropriately. Swimwear coming to add more positive hyperthermic insulation!
  • Fixed LOD’s on dino gates and other assets
  • Mid-size dinos (less than Rex, such as Stego etc) now properly fit thru the Dino Gate. For large-tier dinos you need still a Mega Gate, of course.
  • Fixed crafting table requirements on a number of items, to now display their proper crafting table in the Engram UI (i.e. now it says that a Smithy is required to craft a Spinosaurus Saddle)
  • Adjusted Spawn Rates: Piranhas more common on insland lakes/rivers (they were missing primarily), Carnos less common everywhere, Spinos less common everywhere
  • Reduced Spino overland run & walk speeds by 25%
  • Fixed a bad damage multiplier for explosives on Wood structures (like several times too strong :-P)
  • Spinosaurus! Fear the beast!
  • New Structures: Spike Wall (great for defending against incoming tribe dino attacks) and Food Preservation Bin items, and Beef Jerky!!! (Sparkpowder+Oil+Cooked Meat or Cooked Prime Meat+hour wait == SUPER LONG LASTING FOOOOOD!)
  • General GPU optimizations plus new graphics configuration options: Mesh LOD slider, High Quality Materials checkbox (disabling this and restarting will have tremendous perf savings at the cost of less detailed terrain materials), Subsurface Scattering Checkbox (disabling this will make plants and skin material look a little less good, but also save a lot of perf)
  • After login you now get a message indicating how you died if your character was killed when you were logged out (needs more details added)
  • Pteras now land better when out of stamina, won’t eject you as soon
  • You and dinos can attack when no stamina now, however doing so will increase your torpidity
  • Slight purple overlay when torpidity is increasing
  • Spoiling timer exploits fixed
  • Various ways to teleport into people’s houses seemingly fixed
  • Grenades rebalanced, ~60% damage reduction vs structures and now also require oil to craft
  • PvE structures that haven’t had a Tribe/Creator nearby in one week are now auto demolished. Can be disabled on player-run servers.
  • Structure Limit now configurable for player-run servers
  • Non-Tribe Flyer Carrying now an option for PvE servers
  • Added Rich Metal and Regular Metal Mountain Rocks
  • Metal Tools’ durabilities fixed
  • Character bodytype presets
  • “Find Mods” button added to Host Game Menu
  • Rare Limited-Edition Cosmetic Item Skin drops: Nerdry’s Glasses (from the bellies of Dilo’s) and Rex Bone Helmet
  • Land dinos now lose stamina when swimming while mounted, Amphibious dinos (turtle, sarco, etc) now regain stamina much more quickly in water
  • Unconscious dinos being tamed no longer can be harmed by non-tribe players in PvE
  • Fixed bug where Generator with cables attached could not get its inventory accessed
  • Tribe ID’s and Player ID’s are now guaranteed to be unique. Should eliminate future cases of player/tribe body snatchers.
  • Realtime time and current map now indicated on pause menu
  • Downloading mods at the Host Game screen now indicates download progress, mods that have been updated on Steam Workshop will now redownload
  • Broodmother will now give Dossier and Steam Achievement correctly when defeated
  • You can now set the temperature scale to Fahrenheit in the Options menu
  • Upped bullet damages by about 20%
  • Your current Biome/Temperature now updates correctly when riding a mount
  • “Transfer Tribe Ownership” button is now clickable properly
  • Base Carno damage buffed from 30 to 50, base Rex damage buffed from 50 to 80
  • Rate of health recovery from mounts consuming corpses or trees is reduced (was previously essentially granting mounts nearly instant health recovery)
  • New server commandline/INI options (GamerUserSettings.ini [ServerSettings] section or “?Option=Value” for commandline argument):bDisableStructureDecayPvE=false
  • Torch no longer loses durability when you pick from plants with it equipped.
  • Tamed Dinos no longer get OP health boost from harvesting bodies/plants, now they get a more mild health restoration. May further adjust if needed.
  • Fixed Female Sabertooth Riding animations (no more T-Pose), and tweaked riding animation speeds on Saber, Trike, and Bronto
  • Dinos that are being tamed no longer disappear or lose their inventories upon save-game being reloaded. (in singleplayer or multiplayer). Thanks everyone for helping us nail this bug! (Server Admins may wish to update at their leisure for this hotfix)
  • You can now rename your tribe. (if you are the founder or have transferred the ownership)
  • You now also earn 50% of the XP on your human character that your mount earns (when riding it).
  • You can no longer grab onto ladders thru walls.
  • You can now search for sessions by name.
  • In PvE, you can’t build in caves/cave-entrances anymore and all such structures are auto-destroyed (but sleeping bags are allowed). This is to prevent PvE players from blockading the caves with no other players able to damage such structures.
  • Torpor now increases per level on creatures as a percentage of their max torpor, not via an absolute value. Makes big high-level creatures tougher to knock out.
  • Tribechat key can now be rebound via UI
  • in Pve the flyers can no longer grab players who are on a different team
  • Punching structures you can’t damage (such as metal) still hurts you now, so you can kill yourself in metal cages etc.
  • 10% global insulation effectiveness boost
  • Minor GPU optimization to shader caching.
  • Servers now auto-restart if they crash, should yield better server uptime for now.
  • If corrupted local or server save files, data is now automatically restored from the last backup.
  • “Pistol whip” melee damages are nerfed appropriately and they now lose durability accordingly.
  • Base Food/Water Resource consumption rates reduced by 25% each
  • Mountain Stones now have a lot more metal. Still more to do here (actually new resource visuals and rich metals on the mountain summits) but wanna reserve the full map update ’till Friday, as it will require more testing.
  • Dinos can no longer damage metal structures. Rockets are now using “demolition” damage type which makes them as effective as C4. All explosions effectiveness vs structures increased 50%.
  • Grenade Engram moved to level 30, & no longer requires Crystal to craft.
  • Visual Glitches (“pop-in”) on caves with low view distances is fixed.
  • Increased the yield of metal ore gained from metal-type rocks with non-metal tools by 3x.
  • Increased the number of metal-bearing rocks in mountains/summits by a ton – hundreds and hundreds of rocks added.
  • Mountain-rocks which yield metal now also yield Obsidian at a reduced rate.
  • Armor is no longer localized for Dino Attacks. This means that when a Dinosaur attacks you, your armor is much more effective. We made this change due to the fact that their attacks are not generally very area specific.
  • Q in the Inventory Menu toggles Item Text Overlay Mode, which will remove all the non-critical text overlays from the item icons, such as name, type, etc.
  • Fixed numerous server and client-side crashes.
  • Fixed getting your body or tribe taken over by someone else — no more Invasion of the Body Snatchers!
  • You can now search for sessions “by name” within the In-Game Browser UI
  • Changed coordinates on Map Marker placement to Latitude First, Longitude Second, as it should be!
  • Fixed -nomansky option which you can also access via the game’s Steam Launch Options to properly not initialize the dynamic sky system. Use this launch option if you’re getting video driver crashes, and it’ll resolve them! however your sky system will be simpler, for now.
  • No longer lose performance after singleplayer savegame loads! Still needs more testing for possible side-effects!
  • Added LAN support. LAN games will now appear on the server browser via the server filter type dropdown. Happy LAN gaming!
  • Increased the yield of metal ore gained from metal-type rocks with non-metal tools by 3x.
  • Increased the number of metal-bearing rocks in mountains/summits by a ton – hundreds and hundreds of rocks added.
  • Mountain-rocks which yield metal now also yield Obsidian at a reduced rate.
  • Fixed Server Download Dino crash and prevented losing uploaded dinos.
  • Unofficial Servers could crash if they had Dinos downloaded to them (at Obelisk) in some cases. Server Admins should update to get this fix.
  • XP glitch that resets your Survivor XP to your Mounts’ XP is now fixed, however will require that servers are updated to 171.6 to get this. To avoid this until your server is updated, be sure to Earn some (any) XP on your Survivor after disembarking your mount.
  • Parasaur Founder’s Saddle Skin now shows correct icon when applied to the Parasaur Saddle
  • Client connection timeout is now 30s rather than 20s
  • Slight performance improvement to calculation of particle LOD’s
  • Fixed singleplayer characters erroneously starting with 1000 Weight limit
  • Ensured loading movie loops during direct joins
  • PIN codes now work properly on Doors, and also have been enabled on Small and Large Storage Boxes. (note your Tribe does not have to use the PIN codes, but this will prevent non-TribeMembers from accessing those functions. However, if the container is destroyed, it drops the contents anyway of course).
  • Server Admin Passwords are working again, both from “ServerPassword” key in the “ServerSettings” section of the INI, and via commandline. Sorry about that, server admins!!!!
  • Resolved error with sky rendererer that would cause some players to crash or ock at the end of the loading process when connecting into a game.
  • You can now upload Character & Dino Data from Tribute Terminals on Official Servers.
    However note these data can only be Downloaded onto Local or Unofficial Servers, for now.
  • Removed the “suicide” command. It was for testing only and is not a realistic thing. If you fall into a cavern and are gonna die of starvation, do what this guy does instead: https://youtu.be/OlhLOWTnVoQ
  • Fixed invisible ocean caverns
  • Improved loading feedback to not have any temporary black/screen / possible lock between loading the initial gamedata and connecting to server. Should now be seamless.
  • Fixed some remaining blackscreen/connection cases! (hopefully all of them)
  • Minor hotfix increases the number of structures allowed within a radius from 800 to 1400. May increase it further in subsequent builds as we scale perf up.
  • Fixed two black screen cases: one was a sky lockup, the other had to do with your character getting ragdoll-teleported upon leaving the game into infinity Z position and staying there forever, preventing you from ever re-entering that server. Now you’ll get teleported back to ground IF that ever happens (and it shouldn’t again in any case).
  • Added a -nomansky launch argument for the game to launch without the sky system and fallback to a simple sky (which also currently makes the water turn green). Just in case anyone gets driver crashes non-stop until we have those resolved, please try that out.
  • Reduced rate of food consumption by 33%
  • Fixed Ptero throwing its rider off when it runs out of Stamina. It is supposed to force-land in that case, which it now does correctly 🙂
  • Megalodon saddle is now properly craftable on your player character. If you already have unlocked the Engram, you may need to respawn (die and respawn) your Survivor once to get it alas. (Fast Travel will also work)
  • Made dinos not look at the people who are riding them 😀
  • Improved the look of the Obelisks at night-time. Made the Moon bigger, because yeah. Fixed Carnotaurus rider offset.
  • Modified how some vfx draw calls are sorted for a slight perf gain.
  • Note: This Client/Server build is compatible with all 171.x servers (except 171.0), but if you want the changes to Food consumption and Ptero landing and Megalodon saddle, you need to update your server to 171.3!
  • Fixed (or rather, avoided) a negative delta time issue with AMD CPU’s
  • Made Tamed dinos not look at you unless you’re pretty close nearby.
  • Improved the loading screen process to cover the entirely load reasonably smoothly, also speeds up loading.
  • Fixed a wrong INI file that would negatively impact framerate.
  • Fixed a missing map file. Please ensure your servers are running 171.10 to avoid incompatibility.
  • Fixed “Message of the Days” for hosted servers. They’ll now work, specified here in the GameUserSettings.ini:http://imgur.com/Cgt3fi8 — http://pastebin.com/RDgcHQZc

    Check above for an example, steam won’t let me paste it here.

  • Added Sky for Direct X 10 Shader Model 4 rendering
  • Tamed dinos now look at allies when they’re nearby, to increase realism 🙂
  • Added a loading progress meter to avoid the appearance of frozen game stalls, and fixed another blackscreen/infinite load case.
  • Added a “Difficulty” slider for Local/Custom Servers that scales the levels of the creatures encountered, along with the quality of loot (but not quite linearly with each other, so you can expect a tougher challenge overall as that slider goes up!).
  • Added the capability to choose respawn region upon each player respawn. Set 12 spawn regions, rather than 4.
  • Added code now for flyers to not follow you into water, and land creatures to have a depth limit they’re willing to follow you to 🙂
  • Adjusted various Quality Group graphics settings to increase performance on each tier.
  • You can now properly apply the ARK Founders’ Parasaur Saddle Skin, to the Parasaur Saddle 🙂
  • Increased the length of time for dead player bodies/inventories to decompose, to 20 minutes
  • You can now whitelist specific SteamID’s that will always be granted access to your server, even when it’s full (typically used for admins to get in).
  • Console key can now be rebinded through the Options Menu
  • All Host Game options are now visible in the in-game launch menu (which also affects singleplayer), as well as saved in INI for easy access
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes no servers would return
  • Server Player counts should finally be fixed in-game
  • Downloading ARK Data Characters into other Servers will no longer lose them
  • You can now rebind the Arrow Keys properly (strafe, turn, whatever you want)
  • On your server, you can now use ‘cheat’ or ‘admincheat’ to cheat after logging in as and admin. “cheat broadcast MessageString” will now let you broadcast a server message to everyone on your server (which also force displays the chat). Note that you can also set a Message-Of-The-Day here:[MessageOfTheDay]
    Message=Hello and welcome to my ARK Server! 😀
  • Added an option to hide the Server Name from your Pause Menu, so that streamers don’t have to give away what server they’re playing on.
  • Your last server filter settings now save and restore
  • Argentavis now has a very limited (60% reduced) targeting range for live creatures, but his targeting range for corpses has been boosted by 40%. So watch out if you’ve got a dead body around, you might want to get out of the way 🙂 . In any case, this is more true to their real-world likely behavior and will make them grief less.
  • Your riding character now looks in the direction your camera is facing, along with your mount.
  • Fixed a silly enemy pathing case that would make them needlessly turn around a lot in tight confines.
  • Reduced default Dino following distance by 50%
  • You can now craft directly from within your pet’s inventory
  • Apparent fix for most/all of the infinite loading screen behaviors
  • Fixed the “My Survivors” list — it now properly remembers the servers that you’ve played on, where your Survivors are at!
  • Server & client hotfix (compatible with all 170.x sessions), fixes cheat commands for server admins. You can update your servers as you wish, and with this new client you can again cheat but now use “admincheat COMMAND”, not “cheat”!
  • Fix for the remaining black screen issue, changed how the client send its package map to the server upon connection (could cause a fail and leave you stranded in a black map).
  • Fixed occasional “Fatal Error” with tooltips, by removing the loading tooltips, for now.
    Note: Tab is now a rebindable key. Tilde (~) opens the console.
  • Low Memory Mode (4GB) is for people with only 4GB of System RAM. It will use approximately 2.4GB of RAM to get into an ARK as a client. Extreme Low Memory Mode uses the least memory, at only about 2GB of RAM to get into an ARK as a client, however it also has no sounds, and is mostly for debugging. In either Low Memory mode, you will get full world streaming to reduce memory spikes, so you will see more pop-in.
  • Reverted the core game content loading method back o dynamic streaming, however we’ve now also made ALL sub-levels stream dynamically for clients to avoid memory/disk spikes (at the cost of seeing more pop-in). This is currently only active in “Low Memory” mode, so give it a try if you get black screens!
  • Fixed another crash with 4GB Low Memory mode. Should be no more crashes in this mode!
  • Changed how the game allocates all of its static media memory to be more efficiently packed at game startup (leading to a longer initial splash screen), likely eliminating the black screen bug! (we’ll find out 🙂
  • Fixed a mesh crash bug with low-memory and SM4 rendering options
  • Added missing “Spyglass” engram (like binoculars), which also enables you to craft the later glasswares. Moved the “Scope” Weapon Attachment to level 30, down from level 40.
  • Balance: Fist Damage reduced by 20%, Argentavis AI aggressiveness reduced by 25%, Tran Arrow Tranq-Power increased by 20%, Slingshot Torpidity Power Decreased by 10%
  • Reduced the rate at which food spoils in the inventory of an NPC creature, by 75%, to aid long-term creature maintenance
  • Implemented a “Low Memory (4 GB RAM)” and “Low Memory DX10” launch options that reduces graphics and audio effects to save about 800 MB RAM, likely enabling 4GB RAM players to get past infinite-loading screens.
  • Reimplemented stylish animated-movie loading screen, fixed up some graphics on the “Play Local” menu, exposed various gameplay options to the “Play Local” menu, so that you can more easily customize your own server or local play experience.
  • Added an option to hide the Server Name from your Pause Menu, so that streamers don’t have to give away what server they’re playing on.
  • Selfie orbit cam, [K] by default, now collides with structures geometry so that you can’t use it to… spy… into other players’ houses… creeper!
  • Added 3 “PvP-Hardcore-OfficialServers”… for the truly hardcore (you have to create a new survivor after each death 🙂
  • Added ?MapPlayerLocation command argument for player-hosted servers, when used will display the current player location on the 3D Map. (not very hardcore/realistic 😉
  • Populated small pickupable rocks across all of the ARK’s beaches, not just in the southern coasts.
  • Increased # of server search from 50 to 100
  • Filter “password protected” servers on the Steam backend, rather than locally, to return more servers
  • Fixed a Localization crash
  • AZERTY French keyboards can now rebind keys properly
  • Initial DirectX10 Shader Model 4 support — ubersky won’t yet render :-P. Also reduces game memory footprint by ~400 MB
  • Player counts on the server browser are now correct and accurate
  • Getting “Winded” in water no longer prevents you from swimming upwards completely — you now just swim upwards more slowly, and so are less likely to absolutely drown.
  • Pause Menu now lists the Server name
  • Server browser now has a list of “Survivor’s Servers”, upon whihc you have a survivor, Favorite Servers, and Friend’s Servers
  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s would not attack often at lower-FPS times on servers
  • Broadcast Server messages now force the chat to appear (typically used to notify of server maintance)
  • Bonus Item Skins (Stomped Glasses, Cowboy Hat, Noble Saddle) are permanent, locked to your character, and given again after respawn (dropping them simply removes them if you don’t want them — if you want to keep them, apply them to an item).
  • Fixed some graphical artifacts with the water, waterline, and underwater particles
  • Slingshot torpidity multiplier reduced slightly
  • Inventory Key can now be rebound
  • Arrow keys now turn rather than strafe, and can be rebound
v1.608 (Client)
  • Fixed the singleplayer-side post-load performance problem. At least the BIG one 🙂 … 15-30 miliseconds per frame saved after singleplayer load on one of our test machines. Baby steps… baby steps… 🙂
v1.607 (Client)
  • Fixed two client and server crash cases
  • Blackscreen issue should be fixed! Added more official servers. Fixed a few potential chat crashes.
  • Working on ShaderModel 4 support and singleplayer performance reloading….
  • Full servers will still appear in server-list now
  • Listing/Refreshing of servers fixed
  • Chatbox can no longer be opened in singleplayer games.
  • Rebuilt the game content with 2K textures rather than 4K for most. This may help prevent disk and memory thrashing that could have adversely affected performance on some machines.
  • Reverted loading screen to static image, might eliminate “black screen of death” when loading into singleplayer mode.
  • Made a backend change that may have fixed the backend server issues. We have to update ALL of the servers to fully fix it, but we are gradually rolling that out over this night.

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