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คลาส (Classes)

Grimoire-Manastorm-Class ตัวละครหรือคลาสในเกม Grimoire: Manastorm นั้น มีทั้งหมด 6 คลาสด้วยกัน ดังนี้ Grimoire-Manastorm-Earth
earth1_Ico Pebbles 8 Small Projectiles that spread out over distance.
earth2_Ico Boulder Physics projectile that has a short cooldown and does AOE damage.
earth3_Ico Sandstone Physics projectile that does AOE damage. Can be retriggered to create a dust cloud at retrigger location.
earth4_Ico Lodestone Teleports player up into the air. Player becomes invulnerable after teleport, and can aim beneath themselves. After 3 seconds the player crashes back to the ground at their aimed location and deals high AoE damage.
earthP_Ico Earthen Mantle (Passive) Damage resistance is increased base on the current amount of mana steps you have available.
  • 3 mana steps available – 40% resistance
  • 2 mana steps available – 25% resistance
  • 1 mana step available – 15% resistance
fire1_Ico Flames Sustained short-ranged trace fire damage.
fire2_Ico Fireball Chargeable projectile. Charge increases size of projectile, AoE size, and decreases speed.
fire3_Ico Magma Bomb Physics projectile with knockback component.
fire4_Ico Meteor Storm Rain of 6 meteors falls in target area after 1.25 seconds.
fireP_Ico Path of Fire (Passive) Manastepping leaves behind a trail of fire that will damage enemies.
ice1_Ico Frost Launches a lance of ice at your target. Can hold up to three ammo charges.
ice2_Ico Frost Bolt Chargeable forked projectile. Charge focuses the projectiles down to 1 projectile with higher AoE and travel speed.
ice3_Ico Frozen Orb A shockwave of cold blasts from a concentrated ball of cold, applying slow to all nearby targets and freezing the immediate area for 5 seconds.
ice4_Ico Blizzard Surrounds caster with an AoE damage cylinder. Slows movement on hit.
iceP Chilling Grasp (Passive) Collects ice on your opponent with every attack which eventually roots them in place for a short time.
lightning1_Ico Electricity Sustained short-ranged trace lightning damage.
lightning2_Ico Lightning Bolt Right click fires long range trace lightning bolt.
lightning3_Ico Thunderstrike Ground targetable delayed lightning strike. Slows on hit.
lightning4_Ico Lightning Orb Lightning orb projectile that moves slowly in direction cast and damages any enemies that are close. Can be stopped with retrigger.
lightningP_Ico Magnetize (Passive) Damaging an enemy player with a lightning ability applies truesight to the damaged player for 3 seconds. While truesight is active, the player is visible through walls. There is a secondary effect to denote the tagged player is behind a wall(no line of sight.)
nature1_Ico Thorns Fires homing projectiles at short range.
nature2_Ico Anima Blossom Chargeable projectile that can either damage enemies or heal allies. Healing/Damage and flight speed increased with charge. If you miss with the spell it will leave a healing globe on the ground which allies can collect to gain health.
nature3_Ico Call Wisp Fires a slow moving projectile wisp. Wisp gains damage over time. Retrigger sends the wisp to a new target at high speed.
nature4_Ico Tree of Life Summons a tree to at the target location. In a 512 area around the tree allies are healed for 8 health per second for 10 seconds.
natureP_Ico Rebirth (Passive) When you normally would die, instead you will transform yourself into a critter. As a critter you cannot attack, you have a small amount of HP and your movement speed is increased. If you are not killed within ten seconds you revert to mage form with 50% hp/mana. This passive has a 60 second cooldown that does not start until you are back in mage form.
nether1_Ico Chakram Send out a chakram of Nether energy that returns to you. Can damage enemies twice and travels through solid objects on return.
nether2_Ico Rift Summon a pool of Nether energy that deals damage to mana and health over time.
nether3_Ico Void Tether Launch tendrils of Nether energy that when it hits will pull your target to your location and deals damage.
nether4_Ico Vortex Create a powerful gravity well at the target location that sucks in nearby enemies and prevents them from moving or casting spells.
Coming soon (Passive) Your Manasteps are instead mini teleports.

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