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แหล่งดรอบวัตถุดิบ (Materials)

Toukiden-Kiwami-Battlefield-Materials สำหรับ วัตถุดิบ (Materials) ในเกม Toukiden: Kiwami นอกจากเราจะสามารถหาวัตถุดิบได้จากศัตรูแล้ว เรายังสามารถเก็บได้จาก สมรภูมิ (Battlefield) ต่างๆอีกด้วย

ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับสมรภูมิ : สมรภูมิ (Battlefield)

Age of Grace
Normal Expert Ultimate
Ancient Coin 12-Layered Kimono  
Bewitching Cloth Ceremonial Bowl  
Broken Broadswod Cryptid Bone  
Cat’s-eye Eye of Truth Mask  
Clam Shell Hardened Plant  
Copper Ore Heavenly Fibers  
Deep Blue Ore Heavenly Wood  
Deformed Bone Mysterious Claw (L)  
Eye of Truth Mask Otherworldly Debris  
Giant Lotus Leaf Pronged Vajra  
Heavenly Fibers Rutile  
Petrified Bone Sun Ring  
Petrified Plant Throwing Stone  
Pointed vajra True Silver Ore  
Polluted clay Universal Lotus  
Pure Lotus    
Red Clay    
Age of Honor
Normal Expert Ultimate
Ancient Coin Caterpillar Fungus  
Ascetic’s Beads Cryptid Bone  
Broken Broadsword Eye of Truth Mask  
Broken Helmet Hachiman Statue  
Chipped Broadsword Hardwood Root  
Copper Ore Heavenly Wood  
Deep Blue Ore Mysterious Claw (L)  
Deformed Bone Offering Branch  
Deformed Skin Otherworldly Debris  
Divine Evergreen Rusty Armor  
Eye of Truth Mask Rutile  
Heavenly Fibers Sun Ring  
Helmet Crest True Silver Ore  
Killing Stone Warped Broadsword  
Miasmatic Mushroom    
Polluted Clay    
Solemn Wooden Statue    
Twisted Root    
Age of War
Normal Expert Ultimate
Ancient Coin Ancient Teacup  
Bent Pipe Broken Hero’s Spear  
Broken Armor Cryptid Bone  
Broken Helmet Eye of Truth Mask  
Broken Spear Fireproof Grass  
Burning Stone Flame of Man’s Realm  
Cat’s-eye Flaming Sword  
Deep Blue Ore Gerontogeous Steel  
Deformed Skin Heavenly Fibers  
Eye of Truth Mask Heavenly Wood  
Firerat Pelt Minium  
Heavenly Fibers Mysterious Claw (L)  
Killing Stone Otherworldly Debris  
Petrified Bone Rutile  
Red Clay Truesilver Ore  
War Fan    
Age of Peace
Normal Expert Ultimate
Amulet Bent Baton  
Ancient Coin Blood Red Ore  
Binding Rope Cherry Blossoms  
Broken Broadsword Corrosive Stone  
Copper Ore Courtesan’s Hairpin  
Decorative hairpin Cryptid Bone  
Deep Blue Ore Eye of Truth Mask  
Deformed Bone Gerontogeous Steel  
Evening Star Ivory Carving  
Eye of Truth Mask Mysterious Fang (L)  
Fallen Blossom Otherworldly Debris  
Grass Ring Rooster Tail Feather  
Haunted Lantern true Red Clay  
Heavenly Fibers Warped Coin  
Mysterious Claw    
Petrified Bone    
Polluted Clay    
Tainted Coin    
Age of Chaos
Normal Expert Ultimate
Amethyst Blood Red Ore  
Ancient Coin Corrosive Stone  
Broken Firearm Cryptid Bone  
Deep Blue Ore Diamond  
Eternal Ice Eye of Truth Mask  
Eye of Truth Mask Frost Branch  
Grass Ring Mysterious Fang (L)  
Heavenly Fibers Otherworldly Debris  
Iron Ore Patriotic Spirit  
Jet Black Claw Restoration Compass  
Killing Stone Silver Bamboo  
Light Snow Snowflake  
Mysterious Claw True Red Clay  
Mysterious Fang Warped Bullet  
Patterned Coat    
Polar Bear Fur    
Sword of Retribution    
Torn Uniform    
Age of Yore
Normal Expert Ultimate
Amethyst Blood Red Ore  
Ancient Coin Corrosive Stone  
Broken Haniwa Cryptid Bone  
Bronze Sword Deep Blue Ore  
Cat’s-eye Desert Rose  
Deep Blue Ore Diamond  
Eye of Truth Mask Eye of Truth Mask  
Grass Ring Large Magatama  
Heavenly Fibers Mirror Sword  
Iron Ore Mysterious Fang (L)  
Jet Black Claw Otherworldly Debris  
Magatama Prayer of the Earth  
Magic Mirror True Red Clay  
Marvelweed Valiant Haniwa  
Mysterious Claw    
Mysterious Fang    
Polishing Sand    
Red Clay    
Small Clay Figure    

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